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US Offshore?

Our approach to alternatives is straightforward. We hire talented teams and give them the freedom to execute their strategies and deliver value for our clients. 

Alternative investments include a diverse range of investment styles but each has a valuable role to play. This could be improving returns, providing an income, protecting against volatility or diversifying a portfolio.

Our approach to alternatives is straightforward. We hire talented teams and give them the freedom to execute their strategies and deliver value for our clients. Alongside this, we focus on continuity, longevity and avoid excessive risk-taking. This has served us – and our clients – well, during our 200+ year history.

Investors are facing increasingly complex challenges – whether it be low yields, stretched valuations or the impact of managing unpredictable market volatility. 

We believe that alternative investments are a key part of the solution, enabling investors either to take on or reduce risk, capture varied premia, or take advantage of alpha opportunities arising from market dislocation. They can also use them to build income, diversification and resilience into their portfolios.

Our Alternatives range
Our range of alternative investments spans liquid alternatives in both equities and fixed income, absolute return fixed income, private equity (fund of funds, direct and co-investment) and real estate.

Why Pictet for Alternatives?
By their very nature, finding alternative investments means uncovering a diverse range of the best ideas and teams. For these to thrive at Pictet we provide support without imposing top-down constraints or macroeconomic views. In doing so, we aim to ensure that their diversity and independence remain their strength.

We invite you to discover our capabilities and our track record, which dates back to 1989. Together, these have combined to make us one of the leading European alternatives managers, with USD 45bn in AUM1.

Selected insights

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Equity Market Neutral

These strategies are market neutral by construction, so each position is hedged individually to extract alpha and isolate idiosyncratic risk. We currently manage two strategies, one focused on the European market, our Agora strategy, and one Global - Aquila. Both strategies seek to achieve high single-digit net returns over the cycle with low correlation to equity markets.

Equity Directional

Each of our equity directional strategies aims to achieve long-term capital growth with strong capital protection in down markets. They are long / short strategies but unlike our market neutral funds do not aim to reduce all market exposure. We manage four strategies focusing on: Europe (Corto Europe), Greater China (Mandarin), and two Global strategies – Atlas, as well as a higher octane version – Atlas Titan.

Global macro emerging markets fixed income

Our global macro emerging markets fixed income strategy Sirius seeks to be highly liquid and to invest in a wide range of emerging markets sovereign bonds, rates and FX instruments. The strategy has no directional bias or benchmark constraints and takes long/short positions through the use of derivatives.

Unconstrained global credit

Our unconstrained global credit strategy, Strategic Credit allocates across global credit markets and is designed to reduce risk, protect capital, and capture higher yields. The strategy also aims to achieve a low correlation to traditional asset classes.
Distressed and special situations

Our distressed and special situations strategy follows an absolute return long/short credit approach which focuses on financially stressed and distressed companies, predominantly in Europe. The strategy’s primary focus is on larger capital structures and more liquid securities. The strategy seeks to generate strong net absolute returns across the cycle, leading to low correlation to traditional asset classes.

We offer distinct global multi-strategy approaches to meet our clients’ needs. One is a portable alpha strategy which aims to improve the return of a global equity allocation.

We also offer a strategy which aims to build a diversified portfolio and achieve steady market neutral returns that are uncorrelated to traditional asset classes, with a conservative volatility profile. It is managed by an investment committee who allocate capital to typically 10 to 20 hedge fund strategies managed at Pictet.

Our expertise spans a wide range of private equity investments including primary and secondary funds, as well as co-investments. We launched our first customised private equity portfolio in 1989 and started co-investing in 1992. Since then we have developed a wide network of global partners leading to the winning of numerous investments across private markets. We also have representatives on the advisory boards of several prominent private equity firms, leading to enhanced deal transparency and preferential access to opportunities.

We offer a diverse range of strategies including buyout, growth, and distressed debt. 

We offer a range of direct and indirect real estate strategies covering prime, core, core plus opportunistic and value added.

Our core plus real estate strategy, Elevation Core Plus, offers access to a diversified portfolio of Western European residential and commercial assets. This provides potential for both consistent, inflation-protected yield through rental income, as well as additional returns through asset management and enhancements via Proptech and Sustainability criteria.


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