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Equities have long been one of the traditional cornerstones of institutional portfolios but we believe in the current climate one needs smarter, more differentiated approaches.
Our equity teams manage a range of strategies designed to meet the objectives of institutional investors spanning fundamental, quantitative, style-based and thematic approaches. We also offer a range of targeted equity hedge funds and index equity strategies.
Equities at PAM

Our pioneering investment DNA

We do not impose a single investment approach. This means our investment teams have the freedom to develop compelling investment ideas that meet our clients' goals.

As a result, we have been an early mover in a number of areas. For example, our global emerging market equity strategy dates back to the 1980s. Similarly, we launched our first thematic strategy in 1995 and the industry's first water fund in 2000.

PAM equity timeline

Our resources are focused where we believe we have a real competitive advantage and can therefore deliver the results our clients expect.

Philippe de Weck, Chief Investment Officer Equities

Responsible investing

Responsibility has long been central to our company, which is why we are at the forefront of our industry in  incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG). 

Integration of ESG factors and sustainability risk have become the norm in our investment processes, including equity strategies. For investors that want to go further, our sustainable strategies managed by our Quest Equities team focus on companies with stronger governance, and cleaner operations and products, while our Thematic Equities team invest in companies helping solve environmental and social challenges such as water scarcity and climate change.

The pillars of our responsible approach
pillars of ESG

Selected insights

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We are perhaps best known as the pioneers in thematic investing

Beginning in the mid-1990s, we have developed a full range of standalone thematic equity strategies, managed by teams based in our Geneva and Zurich offices. Each one of our thematic strategies, from Water through to Robotics has a global reach. Unlike a typical global equity manager, our thematics teams are not generalists but specialist experts in understanding companies operating in growth pockets of the global economy underpinned by megatrends. By investing in long-term trends, we aim to outperform broader equity markets.

Key strategies: Global Thematic Opportunities, Global Environmental Opportunities, Biotech, Clean Energy, Digital, Health, Human, Nutrition, Premium Brands, Robotics, Security, SmartCity, Timber, Water.

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Quest Equities

Based in Geneva, the Quest Equities team combine their proprietary ‘4P’ quantitative framework with active discretionary analysis to identify attractively-priced resilient companies. Using cutting-edge technology and access to the fundamental expertise of all of our equity teams, they aim to deliver portfolios with a more defensive profile than the market, and with ESG integration fitted as standard. The Quest Equities team have also been at the forefront of our development of client-centric SRI and sustainability-driven portfolio solutions.

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Emerging Equities

We began investing in global emerging equities in 1989 as we were early to recognise the investment opportunities in these rapidly developing markets. 

Since then, we have been managing a range of global, regional and country strategies for clients around the world. The asset class is a key area of expertise for our firm with investment professionals based in London and Hong Kong.

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Developed Equities

More than ever, we believe in a need for skilled, high-conviction, fundamental stock-pickers. This is the DNA that underpins all the investment managers in our Developed Market Equities franchise. They all have long-term proven track records in managing relatively concentrated portfolios with high active share.

Focus areas: International Equities EAFE, Japan, Europe

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Hedge Funds

Over the past 15 years we have launched a range of equity hedge funds covering global and regional, directional and market neutral approaches. We believe the key to success is offering our hedge fund managers freedom to invest, minimising distractions whilst supporting them with the research platform, trading operations and risk management of a large asset manager.

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Indexed Equities

Whilst we remain a house that believes in active management, being client-led we acknowledge that many clients also require more index-based equity solutions for at least some of their equity allocations. Our team based in our Geneva offices deliver high quality best-in-class indexed equity exposure across a full range of regions.

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Research capabilities

Our equity portfolio managers are supported by career research analysts, who are embedded in our investment teams, as well as the Pictet Strategy Unit and our economist team. 

The Pictet Asset Management Strategy Unit (PSU) is the investment group responsible for providing asset allocation guidance across stocks, bonds, cash and commodities. The group is composed of economists, macro strategists, chief investment officers across asset classes as well as other senior investment managers.

The Economic Analysis team provides top-down analysis for investment teams including updates of economic activity, macroeconomic scenarios and themes with different time horizons, and specific indicators developed in-house.

Contact us

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